International standard DIN EN 196International DIN EN 196
British standard 12/1996British 12/1996 & BS 4027-1980
American standard C-150American C-150
European standard EN 197-1:2000European EN 197-1:2000
Ordinary Portland
cement specification
cement specification
cement specification

Documents required
Letter of Intent
Bank Comfort Letter

Sellers bank
HSBC Deutsche bank


Karachi port in Pakistan

Contract procedure for Buyers

  1. Once the volume, delivery terms and the price are agreed on, we would require LOI and BCL from the Buyer.
  2. Upon draft contract agreement, a final contract is signed by both parties - the Seller and the Buyer.
  3. The Seller sends a proforma invoice and the shape of the L/C (if needed) and the Buyer opens the L/C from his bank within 48 hours through a well known world bank. Once the documents are received at the specified bank, we then start the procedure of preparing the goods and the documents.

    Please note, in most cases, we work with once transferable, confirmed, revolving payable on sight L/C opened in favour of a world class bank. The last beneficiary can be mentioned as the cement factory. The reasons for transferrable L/C are: firstly, we need to see Buyer's method of payment and secondly, the majority of manufactures accept prepayments only. After the first 2 deals, however, we can work on non-transferable L/C.
  4. If all the conditions in the L/C are met the payment is made upon the final loading of the ship and all of the documents together with the bill of the lading (B/L, Railways Bill or CMR) are presented to the bank (payable on sight).

Standards we offer

  1. International standard DIN EN 196
  2. British standard 12/1996
  3. American standard C-150
  4. European standard EN 197-1:2000

Payment options we accept

  1. 100% once transferable L/C
  2. Part prepayment & once transferable L/C
  3. 50% prepayment & non-trasferable L/C
  4. 100% prepayment

Shipment volume and capacity

We are able to supply up to 450,000 MT per month from Pakistan given availability from manufacturers. The mimum volume we sell is 3,000 MT and the maximum is 25,000 MT per veseel. Please note, the total volume comes from a number of different plants within a given country. All products do comform to the standards presented above. We are able to provide those volumes and competitive prices, because our suppliers have the buying power and close personal relationships with manufactures, shipping & logistic companies and government officials.


In general, demurrage is already included in the prices that we quote. However, for some certian ports such as Tripoli and Angola, for example, we will ask for extra demurrage prepayment.

Long term contract price fixing

We welcome long term contracts. If you want to fix the price for 12 months, we can do so, however, an advance payment of 25% of the total value of the contract has to be paid up front, where accordingly raw materials can be purchased in advance. Alternatively, you can make a prepayment for the first order and provide 11 L/Cs for consecutive months. Please note, although we can fix the price of cement/clinker we cannot fix the price of freight. So this may have to be negotiated every 3 months.


Upon receiving LOI and BCL, we can send a sample of the product directly to the Buyer upon request. The Seller will bear the cost of the sample and the Buyer may have to bear the cost of delivery. However, please note, no sample will ever be from the same bag, batch, silo, consignment and order or shipment. Any sample can easily be fabricated and does not represent a true sample of what will be received in a shipment.

Document sample downloads

  1. LOI - Letter Of Intent
  2. BCL - Bank Comfort Letter
  3. Non circumvention and non disclosure working agreement - available on request

Have you been let down by your suppliers?

When dealing with new Sellers you always have to be twice as cautious. We understand that Seller's credibility and performance are crucial to the deal. This is why our Suppliers are ready to make the deal very kosher for the Buyer. The Seller's bank can also be a part of the deal and will sign a contract together with the Seller. This means that the bank safeguards and guarantees performance. Please bear in mind that no bank in the world would sign a contract unless they were 100% assured of the Seller's credibility and capability in delivering cement.